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Grow Food Northampton’s mission is to promote food security by advancing sustainable agriculture in the Northampton, Massachusetts area.

We own a 120-acre community farm that provides access to land and markets for local farmers using sustainable practices and selling to local markets. We also manage a large community garden, the vibrant downtown Tuesday Market, and many programs providing food access to low-income families and educational opportunities for young people.

Organic Community Gardening and Affordable Farmland

The Grow Food Northampton Organic Community Garden

The Garden provides space, resources and support for over 250 community members to grow their own food organically.

Crimson & Clover Farm

Crimson & Clover Farm is Grow Food Northampton's "anchor" CSA farm, enjoying a 99-year lease on 40 acres for sustainable production of vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Crimson & Clover has…

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Sawmill Herb Farm

In 2013, Sawmill Farm leased 1.5 acres near the Grow Food Northampton Organic Community Garden and grew greens and herbs. The farm has since expanded to 3.5 acres and shifted its focus exclusively…

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Joe Czajkowski and Lakeside Organics

Joe Czajkowski is a third generation vegetable farmer, and one of the best-known names in Pioneer Valley agriculture. In 2014, Joe subleased the East Field at Northampton Community Farm from…

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Song Sparrow Farm

Song Sparrow Farm began leasing land in 2019, but its proprietor, Diego Irizarry-Gerould, was already part of the family, having managed our Giving Garden in 2017. Diego is leasing half…

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Food Access and Farm Education Programs

Our Goals

  • Increase the supply and accessibility of space for food growing and of locally grown food.
  • Educate the community about sustainable agriculture and help residents gain the skills and resources to grow food organically.
  • Support the development of a vibrant, local, agriculture economy.

Our Beliefs

  • Broad access to high quality, nutritious, locally grown food improves community health and reduces health inequalities.
  • Food security is an elemental long-term investment for our children.
  • A strong, diversified local food economy strengthens our food security and increases our resilience in the face of economic instability, climate change, energy depletion and other possible threats.
  • Independent small-scale farms that directly feed their communities dignify both the farmer and the consumer; farmers with a direct stake in the local market are more reliable, efficient, and accountable; consumers who are intimate with their food chain and their farmers will respect and support them more effectively.
  • Successful agriculture looks to the past and the future: it studies lessons from our farming history, embraces new research into sustainable practices, critically examines current agricultural paradigms, and fosters farm-based and food-based learning in the entire community.
  • Farmers deserve access to affordable farmland and local markets, and should have the opportunity to build equity in their enterprise.

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Applications Now Open for Our Next Executive Director

Grow Food Northampton seeks an Executive Director to provide vision, leadership, fundraising, and oversight of the administrative, programmatic, financial, and…

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Farm to Market: Fall Field Trips Making Connections

For years, a highlight of fall for Northampton elementary school students has been a field trip to Crimson & Clover…

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Special Deals for Tuesday Market Shoppers!

Keep your dollars downtown! This Fall at Tuesday Market, we are collaborating with Downtown Northampton businesses to provide coupons to…

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Grow Food Kids: Big Plans for 2019-20

Led by our experienced team of Educators: Ellena Baum and Melissa Ward, Grow Food Kids is launching into a new…

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Interview with Crimson & Clover Farm!

As part of Grow Food Northampton's mission, we lease land to farmers who use sustainable farming practices. Starting in 2011,…

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Interview with Sawmill Herb Farm!

As part of Grow Food Northampton's mission, we lease land to farmers who use sustainable farming practices. Since 2013, we…

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Gardener Interview – Star Light Center

Below are excerpts from a conversation between intern Charlie Henzel and Keli McLellan to reflect upon Star Light Center's experience and…

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Gardener Interview – Daphne & Nathan

On August 6th, Daphne and Nathan along with their children Theo and Gabe were interviewed to gain some perspective on…

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